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Paul Guba Imaging: Commercial Photographer, New Jersey

NJ commercial photographer – Paul Guba, is a Central New Jersey commercial photographer specializes in advertising photography, product photography, catalog photography, portrait photography, ecommerce photography and corporate event photography. As a commercial photographer it is his goal to work together with various clients to achieve their marketing goals. Paul Guba will leverage his over 20 his vast experience as a commercial photographer to make your services or products look its best.

When working with the NJ commercial photographer Paul Guba you will find the process of photography begins long before a photo is created or a camera is unpacked from its case. Paul Guba has developed the Four C’s of commercial photography: Communication, Cooperation, Creativity, and Capture. These four basic principles entail Paul Guba’s philosophy of commercial photography. By practicing these fundamental principals of commercial photography experience has shown that excellence and client satisfaction will be achieved.

The first “C” of successful commercial photography is communication with the client. With over 20 years of experience servicing businesses in New Jersey Paul Guba can expertly communicate a message with photography. As a client I know that you have an equal amount of experience in what services you provide or products you sell. Listening to what your needs are, how your business operates and your concerns is the essential first step. Often if possible Paul Guba will arrange to meet with you before the day of photography to clearly define and understand your needs and desires. Listening is two thirds of communication that is why we have two ears and only one mouth. By listening to our commercial clients our photography is one step closer to achieving your goals.

The second “C” of successful commercial photography is cooperation. Paul Guba will work together with you our valued client, understanding there is only a singleness of purpose and that is to improve your business’s image and sales. To accomplish commercial photography that fulfills this purpose each understands their role in the process. By engaging and actively seeking our client’s participation the end result is commercial photography that often exceeds expectations.

The third “C” of successful commercial photography is creativity. Paul Guba knows creativity while making photography used for commercial purpose doesn’t just happen it is a planned for action. While many expedient photographers jump to this “C” they latter try to sell you their vision after the fact. True creativity exists in the framework that is set out in the previous steps of the process. It is finding the creativity of vision while still accomplishing your goals that marks a professional. That is what Paul Guba does consistently for his various photography clients.

The fourth “C” of successful commercial photography is capture. For Paul Guba capture is more then that 1/250 second of a shutter click. It is everything that happens before that. It is the time spent testing and creating lighting that describes the subject. It is thoughtful framing of the image. It is the subtle arrangement of the elements, and that tiny nudge or slight turn of a subject’s head. It is the photographic dance and balancing act to deliver the best photographic product. Paul Guba doesn’t settle for good enough, or we can fix it latter these short cuts only lead to inferior results.