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Welcome to Paul Guba Imaging, New Jersey Photographer.

Paul Guba is a New Jersey based professional photographer with over twenty-five years of experience in advertising, catalog, portrait and editorial photography. A life long resident of the NJ shore, Paul Guba is an avid fan of all of New Jersey. Paulís studio is located in Long Branch, NJ part of the Tri-City area that includes Red Bank and Asbury Park as well. Over the years he has created wonderful photographic images for many advertising, catalog and editorial clients. You can expect that Paul Guba Imaging will provide you with the same level of expertise he always has to a wide range of commercial or individual photography clients. When both a personal and professional touch is needed for your portrait or family portrait, still life, catalog, brochure, and of course wedding contact Paul Guba Imaging.

New Jersey is home to many interesting people, places and things to photograph. You will find here that the primary focus of the photographer and their photography is the great state of New Jersey and all it has to offer. Not only will you see examples of fabulous photography but you will learn facts about New Jersey. Like that the first Lighthouse in the United States is located at Sandy Hook in Monmouth County. Do you know where to find an 8 foot tall Fresnel lens (hint it is also in Monmouth County). Where you aware that the transistor was invented here at Bell Labs? Take a little time and look around you will see something you like and perhaps learn something as well.

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