Paul Guba Imaging, is a New Jersey commercial photographer established under this name in 2001, it is a full service photography studio. Originally named Paul Guba Photography the name was changed to describe the expanding services that we now provide our New Jersey based clientele. With 20 years of experience in the photo industry servicing advertising and editorial clients we continue to provide the finest photography in New Jersey.

What can PGI do for me?

Whether you are a small to large commercial business needing a brochure, catalog, public relations or event in New Jersey we can provide you with options you may have never considered. We will leverage our years of photography experience, knowledge and industry contacts to provide you the best possible service. We are solution providers and understand that each client has individual needs. That is why you will find no cookie cutter package deals listed here. You will receive the same level of expertise no matter the size of your job.

What are the services you can provide us?

We bring the full service commercial photography studio experience to you. Shooting at your location or in a studio. We also can provide marketing suggestion for items ranging from a postcard, to a forty page catalog or your eCommerce photography need. We strive to create photography that will improve your business’s image and sales.

Can my business afford to hire Paul Guba Imaging?

Great commercial photography ought to be considered an  investment that gains value each time a potential client sees it. Your sales people would never meet a client dressed in poorly fitting, wrinkled or torn clothing. Their clothes are pressed, neat and professional. Your sales sheets, brochures, and website photography need to be the same or better. It represents you, your product or service and how you conduct business. It may be the only reference a potential client has. Often it is the first contact for a sales lead. Your commercial photography is part of your overall image and you will be measured with your competition for that sale. If looks didn’t matter you wouldn’t care how you dressed. What we a do at PGI is make you and your product or service look its best. So the question I ask is; can you afford not to hire a professional photographer?

Why have Paul Guba Imaging photograph my my family event?

There are two thing that we all process that is of great value, our families and our time. Neither of these things can be easily replaced. Great photography often represents both of these things in a graphic manner. It is not a replacement but a representation of those in the photograph and the time it was taken. As time passes it becomes more and more valuable to it owners. That is why at times of great tragedy and personal loss you may see victims clutching photographs that have become their most valuable possessions. Many times I have been asked to restore that treasured image of a great grandparent and have been told cost is not a concern it the only memory I have. Knowing that photographs will increase in value, doesn’t it make sense to create the best images possible; today. Aren’t you worth this kind of investment? Which of the things that you may be spending money on today will have the kind of emotional attachment as a fine photograph will ten years from now.

Paul Guba Imaging

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