Jewelry Photography

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Jewelry Photography Philosophy

Commercial Jewelry photography is very difficult to do well which is why it is so important to have a photographer with extensive experience photographing gold, silver, diamonds, and precious stones. Jewelry photography is very easy to do badly and many when photographing jewelry will take short cuts when they make photographs of jewelry simply because they don’t have the knowledge or understanding of how to create truly great images of jewelry. This short cut method allows for the creation of a high volume of images of mediocre quality. Often these images are inexpensive to produce and you might think you are getting a bargain, but really what is happening is you are losing sales. When choosing a photographer be cautious when you hear terms like “light box” or “tenting” this is an indication that the photographer in question is inexperienced and your jewelry photography will suffer.

Commercial photographer Paul Guba not only knows the best way to photograph jewelry but he understands your business and the business of selling jewelry. Paul Guba commercial jewelry photographer has created over ten thousand images of jewelry for ecommerce website, site banners, email campaigns, print advertising, postcards, and printed catalogs. In accomplishing photographing jewelry at such a high level he know the best way to approach the subject of jewelry regardless if it is: bangles, watches, earrings, diamond rings, engagement rings, pendants, necklaces etc. Paul Guba doesn’t have to take short cuts with jewelry photography lighting or set up because he already knows how to do it the best way. You benefit when you choose Paul Guba for your jewelry photography because he can leverage his vast experience into an efficient workflow that creates the highest quality of images possible.

Paul Guba jewelry photography makes you money

Here is why using Paul Guba to photograph your jewelry products will help your brand and make you money. Every business needs to separate itself from the competition this is especially true with luxury products like jewelry. There several ways jewelry retailers can separate themselves one is price the other is image. In the day of the Internet anyone can search 1-caret diamond stud earrings and find the lowest cost item. If you compete with price there is always someone cheaper. If you compete with image you gain an advantage. Simply put if two identical jewelry items are similarly priced the sale will go to the vendor that looks better. As a client told me “I am not selling jewelry I am selling pictures of jewelry”. If your competition’s jewelry photography is better then yours then it is costing you money every day. Multiply this by hundreds of jewelry photographs on an ecommerce site and you begin to have a real difference. The overall appearance and brand of the site also increases with quality jewelry photography created by Paul Guba. If every jewelry photograph in an online store looks better it instills a feeling of trust and confidence in a potential buyer. Your website or catalog just became a better neighborhood, a place where people spend money.

Commercial photographer Paul Guba knows that your business depends on the jewelry photography he creates. That is why he will fanatically defend the importance of creating quality images. Paul Guba will not take short cuts and expedient solutions when asked to photograph jewelry because you deserve the best. Paul Guba values your jewelry business and wants to participate in its success by providing exceptional jewelry photography that will sell your products and continue to add value to your jewelry brand.